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Author: Dubinin, N.P., Heptner, M.A., Bessmertnaia, S.J., Goldat, S.J., Panina, K.A., Pogossian, E., Saprikina, S.W., Sidorov, B.N., Ferry, L.W., & Tsubina, M.G.
Year: 1934
Title: Experimental study of the ecogenotypes of Drosophila melanogaster. First part. (in Russian, with English summary).
Jabbr: Biol. Zh.
Jlong: Biologicheskii Zhurnal [Journal de Biologie; Zeitschrift fur Biologie]
Vol./Pag.: 3:166-206.
Comment: pdf / part / p 812395 / 9.v.1934 / 1934a
PDF File: Dubinin et al., 1934a.pdf
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